Agrippina the Younger 

(Julia Agrippina Augusta, Ivlia Agrippina)


Up to Imperial Portraiture

Agrippina the Younger

Great granddaughter of  Augustus

Daughter of  Germanicus

Sister of  Caligula

Wife of Claudius

Mother of Nero

  Photos by Bill Storage and Laura Maish
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Agrippina the Younger, born November 6, 15, died March 59, daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina Major, wife of Claudius, sister of Caligula. Found in Ostia. Museo Nazionale, Massimo.

Statue of Agrippina (Museo Capitolino inv. 1882), found in excavations of the Temple of Claudius on the Caelian Hill in 1885, inspired by 4th century BC Greek prototypes. The head on this statue is a cast. The original head is in the Carlsberg Glyptotek.


Detail, Museo Capitolino inv. 1882

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