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Germanicus was

Husband of Agrippina the Elder

Son of Drusus the Elder and Antonia the Younger

Brother of Claudius

Father of Caligula

Grandson of Mark Antony and Octavia

  Photos by Bill Storage and Laura Maish
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  Germanicus Julius Caesar (24 May 15 BC´┐ŻOctober 10, 19 AD) was born Nero Claudius Drusus or Tiberius Claudius Nero and later received the agnomen Germanicus, when it was awarded to his father in honor of his military victories in Germania.

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Museo Capitolino inv. MC415 (MC0415).


Bronze head of Germanicus, Museo Nazionale Romano


Germanicus - Museo Nazionale Romano


Germanicus (?) - Museo Nazionale Romano 

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