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  Photos by Bill Storage and Laura Maish
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Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus, emperor 235 - 238 CE.

Shown are two examples of the only known portrait type of Maximinus. The Capitoline head has been restored from a state of deliberate mutilation following his death. Both ears, most of the nose, a portion of the chin, and the left eyebrow are restorations. The head has also been reassembled, having been broken in half just below the eyes. The Palatine fragment is the upper half of a similar head, broken in a nearly identical manner.

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Detail of marble bust of Maximinus Thrax,
Musei Capitolini inv. MC473 (MC0473).

Profile view of MC473

Marble bust,
Musei Capitolini inv. MC473 (MC0473).

Maximinus Denarius.
laureate, draped & cuirassed bust.
Museo Nazionale Romano.

Fragment of portrait of Maximinus Thrax.
Palatine Museum, Rome, inv. 52681.


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