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Otho was

Preceded by Galba

Succeeded by Vitellius

First husband of Poppaea Sabina

  William Storage and Laura Maish
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  Marcus Salvius Otho, or Marcus Salvius Otho Nero, (born April 25, 32, died April 16, 69), was emperor of Romer from January 15 to April 16, in 69. He was second of the three short-term (short-lived) emperors between Nero and Vespasian.

Gold aureus of Otho from the Palazzo Massimo Numismatic Collection, Rome.

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Otho Aureus
RIC 3, Cohen 2, BMC 1
Otho AV Aureus. IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TRP, bare head right /
PAX ORBIS TERRARVM, Pax standing left holding branch & caduceus.


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