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Severus Alexanderwas

Preceded by Elagabalus

Succeeded by Maximinus Thrax

Son of Julia Mamaea

Grandson of Julia Maesa

  Photos by Bill Storage and Laura Maish
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  Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexandrus, also known as Alexander Severus, was emperor of Rome from 222 to 235. In his early years, he was emperor only in name, and Rome was governed by his mother, Julia Mamaea, and her counselors.
1 - Young Alexander Severus. Capitoline Museum.
2 - Vatican Chiaramonti Museum, inv. 1481.
3, 4 - Capitoline Museum, Rome.
5, 6 - Severus Alexander carved from an earlier portrait.
Museo Capitolino (Montemartini) inv. MC2457.
7 - Colossal statue of Alexander Severus probably carved from an earlier statue of Elagabalus. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inv. 5993.
8, 9, 10 - Mutilated statue of Alexander Severus carved from an earlier head of Elagabalus. Museo Nazionale Romano, inv. 329.

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